ELCO POWER SYSTEM (EPS) was established in 2007 by expert people whose has been working in the electrical field for many years. That is the most power full basic from us to create qualified services. The real commitment and professionalism in business consistency always drive our performance to excellency on a high level of satisfaction through providing customer's needs of Electrical Switchgear.
ELCO POWER SYSTEM (EPS) always concern to the best service based on excellent human resources as our customers satisfaction.

EXCELLENCE on Flexibility and Low Cost All the team realize that the efficiency and innovation is a must, there for we give the competitive and best price of quality product for many customers. EPS also offers flexible pricing on budgeting, allowing our client to spread development cost over a period of time.

Excellence on Team and Delivery System Our Engineer team are experienced people in many project, there for we promise the best for service. We also give ideas and solution on Electrical Switchgear design. Our engineer team always keep re-evaluating to all project through out customers needs for best quality.

More Benefit about Our Service is Flexible After Sales Service We always strive to serve more to all our partners and maintain a long good relation so we make a flexible after sales service. Provide complete support like, training to staffs on how to use and solve small technical problems, and the most thing we always stay with our partner at every moment when they need service.

PT. ELCO POWER SYSTEM Bring business on electrical service we always improving electrical quality and customers satisfaction. EPS is grown as full service that provides client with extensive range of service :

  1. Genset Control Panel (GCP)
  2. Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel (LVMDP)
  3. Sub. Distribution Panel (SDP)
  4. Capacitor Bank
  5. Motor Control Centre (MCC)
  6. Control Panel
  7. PLC & Scada System

Elco Power System has proved its existency first early age of company by keeping trust on creating best quality and good cooperation as a co-partnership to many company.

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